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Open, Reflect, Repeat.

We're glad your here.

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Clover is an app that helps you give time to reflect and think about yourself.

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(You should probably do this regardless)

Breathe transports you into another world where you relax and feel better after.


(It's like a test, but you can only get right answers)

Relfect shows you a questionare where you could think about the day that you had.

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(Like your own personal Diary... just not.)

Journal is a place where you could type how your day goes, and add on til you feel content.

Here's what's coming soon.

Get exited! (we are)

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(Put's Breathe to shame)

Scenes are scenarios that you can read, see, or listen. Yes, this is the replacement of Breathe and Reflect, but don't worry the scenes are still here.


(It's exactly what you think it is)

Sounds help you wind down, work, or even sleep! The name is self explanitory.

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(This one is coming in a later update because it's so cool, and we don't have voice actors)

Audio are Breathe Scenes made for listening and visualizing with your head. We have a lot of plans with that idea, but for now that's all we have.


(Cause you don't need to be broke to feel broken.)

Stories are small bite size stories on how your favorite people delt with their mental health problems and what advice they have.

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A cleaner design.

(Told ya that Breathe isn't going anywhere)

All of the designs have been overhauled so that it just looks better. You'll notice the transparency, it's everywhere.

A new website.

(The old one was really outdated and annoying...)

We gave our website some love as we announced some new stuff and also it just looked old.

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Journal is retiring.

(Not now, but soon...)

While you could still access Journal, it'll be replaced really soon with something better.

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