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Welcome to Made by Ariel.

These are projects made by me.

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Now avalable on the App Store

Clover is an app that allows you to Breathe, Reflect, and Journal your daily life. Breathe gives you a relaxing scenario that you can journey across, do a questionaire about your day with Reflect, and Write quick thoughts with Journal.

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Lime Sites

Now available

Lime sites is a service where I build a website for you, your company, your hobby, idea, or anything else!

See a website based on Lime Sites

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Coming 2022

Something Super Secret

Coming Soon

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Something even more super secret, and a collab between me and another person

Coming Soon

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Out Now

Shuut is a video streaming service made by me and a few other friends in a Computer Science Course back in Febuary of 2022.

Go to Shuut

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Safe Downloads

Shut down for Updates

Safe Downloads is a site dedicated to making the web a little bit safer. Instead of going to different web pages to get downloads, this page has verified by me download links. All of the apps on the store come from reliable sources and are tested in a virtual machine.

Getting updated.

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Lime Tags/Lime Cards

Out Now

Lime Tags is tag that has an NFC chip inside. Once a phone/reader gets near a tag, an automation will start, guiding the user to a webpage with info that the owner added.

Learn more.

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Lime USB

Out Now

Lime USB is a USB stick that uses a specialised version of Windows called WindowsToGo. WindowsToGo was used mostly for enterprise but now we can use Windows To Go as a substitute for a Hard Drive with the benifit that you can bring your files to any computer.

Get in touch.

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Out Now

Simple.css is a CSS framework that makes website design a piece of cake. It's a branch of W3.css and Bootstrap.css with added input from me. Best of all, it's super easy to learn and is used even on this website!

Find out more.

Made by Ariel